And it’s got dozens of different very complex parts

Intelligent Design

Narration: As a palaeontologist I’ve spent most of my life looking at evidence of evolution.Paul Willis, reporter: Now there’s a new kid on the block. It’s a theory that says canada goose outlet in uk Darwin got it wrong. canada goose outlet store calgary In which case, I got all this stuff wrong. It’s called.Narration: The President of the United canada goose outlet website legit States thinks it ought to be taught in schools.And, here in Australia, the Federal Minister for Science canada goose outlet legit and Education has given it his qualified approval.Brendan Nelson: If schools also want to present students with, I don’t have any difficulty with that.Narration: Scientists across the country are outraged.So what’s all the fuss about canada goose factory outlet vancouver? or ID, is being put forward as a serious scientific theory. It’s even found it’s way into some high schools.Paul Willis, reporter: This is the Pacific Hills Christian School in New South Wales. It’s the first school in Australia to announce Canada Goose Outlet that it’s going to teach in its‘ science rooms. Let’s go and have a lookNarration: canada goose outlet black friday This is a year ten science class and the students are being taught alongside evolutionary theory.Teacher to class: Evolution.. We need to give a good treatment of each of those ideas so that we can weigh them up fairly.Narration: Ted Boyce is the Principal and he has no problem with canada goose parka uk in his science classes.Ted Boyce: We believe that our students need to know what different theories there are available for them to understand so that they can then make up their own minds what they believe and why they canada goose outlet nyc believe it.Paul Willis, reporter: Put simply, says that there are some things in nature that are so complex they couldn’t have canada goose outlet england evolved gradually. Therefore they must have been designed by an intelligent designer.Narration: One of the originators canada goose outlet buffalo of ID is this man, Prof Michael Behe, a molecular biologist at Lehigh university in Pennsylvania.Prof. Michael Behe: The theory of evolution is widely accepted amongst the scientific community but it canada goose factory outlet turns out that there really are huge holes in the theory and we’re trying to probe those holes and see what they imply.Narration: A favourite example of a complex structure in nature is the flagellum canada goose outlet uk sale of bacteria.Prof. Michael Behe: It’s got pieces that act as the propeller of the outboard motor. There’s a drive shaft, there are bushing materials to allow the drive shaft to poke up through bacterial membrane. And it’s got dozens of different very complex parts.Narration: Behe argues that all these parts canada goose outlet in toronto must be present and functioning together; a simpler flagellum with less parts would not work.It’s concept called Irreducible Complexity.Paul Willis, reporter: Behe uses the mousetrap as an example of irreducible complexity. It’s made up of a number of individual components and if one of them is missing, you don’t have a mousetrap that works a little bit, you don’t have a mousetrap at all.Prof. Michael Behe: It’s very hard to see how something like a canada goose clothing uk mousetrap could be put together by the canada goose outlet in vancouver tiny canada goose outlet kokemuksia steps that Darwin envisioned with each step being better than the last.Narration: So irreducibly complex structures in nature indicate that something other than evolution is going on.Behe argues they are the signature of an er.Paul Willis, reporter: It sounds eminently plausible but just how good an argument is irreducible complexity and is it really the equal of canada goose jacket outlet evolutionary theory?Narration: Professor Mike Archer is my former canada goose outlet houston PhD supervisor and now he’s Dean of Science at the University of New South Wales.Prof. Mike Archer: I’ve looked at the evidence that Michael Behe has put forward for his irreducible complexity. It’s a very interesting concept. The failure of canada goose outlet washington dc that kind of thinking is that canada goose outlet winnipeg address there is no such thing really as irreducible complexity.

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